About Thanksforthehelp.com

However, there are a few questions that tend to arise from time to time.

  • How far are the claims made by Thankforthehelp.com true?
  • Are TFTH not legit or trustworthy at the end of the day?
  • Is the aspect of deadline-oriented assignment help reliable?
  • Is TFTH a scam website, or is it a genuine one?

There are too many questions to be answered. So, here is the real scenario one must explore to gain clarity in this context.



Quality of works

The website claims to deliver superior quality assignments and other student-friendly assistance from time to time. The company claims the fact that there are more than 5,000 students connected with the platform, across various universities in and around Australia.

But, there are some TFTH reviews that portray different scenarios. One of the unbiased TFTH reviews has published one feedback that says that the firm is bad at making assignments. There are issues pertaining to quality and other aspects such as bad conduct and the likes.

So, if we are to refer to the aforementioned Thanksforthehelp.com review in Australia and the U.S., then it seems that the statements mentioned in the official TFTH are somewhat false.


Cost/Price Plan

As per the aspects of cost and pricing are concerned, the firm claims to offer instant $25 as sign up bonus. Along with it, students get to receive 10% cash back on every order. Well, these were only the “claims” as spotted on the Thanksforthehelp. But, are the claims made by TFTH genuine? Are TFTH not subjected to scams? How do you know? Let’s figure out.

One of the users has already warned not to seek assignment help from TFTH. There are allegations that the firm refunds the entire amount with lame excuses that the writer is not able to work on the task. Here’s a screenshot of the feedback where the user is seen to be quite furious with Thanksforthehelp.com.

So, it seems that the claims made on the official website of TFTH are somewhat incorrect and wrongly portrayed to misguide al potential consumers.

Price Comparison

The price comparison aspect seems to be somewhat shady. According to a survey, it has been found that TFTH generally costs a bit more, as compared to that of other assignment help sites. Even though the reason is still unknown, this shouldn’t be the case.

If a firm claims to be student-friendly, then it shall abide by the same. Attaching high price tags against assignment services will only keep youngsters away from accessing those services in times of need.



Coming to the context of customer support and response, the website, Thanksforthehelp.com claims to send across on-time responses. The portal has a digitised customer help box that would pop up every time a user visits the site. The chatbots would urge you to place queries accordingly.

While these were the “official” claims and findings in terms of determining the intensity of customer support offered by the firm, there’s more to it. Certain revelations suggest that the firm isn’t up to the mark and not at all reliable when it comes to responding to customer queries on time.

Here’s a review that highlights the dire strait of Thanksforthelp.com. 

If this is what they try to denote by “customer support” then it is high time TFTH should work on their ethics. As per the aforementioned Thanksforthehelp.com review is concerned, it seems that the firm isn’t trustworthy enough.



As per the TFTH claims are confirmed, Thanksforthehelp.com is focused on sending across on-time, customised solutions. Even though the website brags about the aspect of timely delivery, things are different on the other side of the table.

According to an unbiased review, it has been deciphered that the firm isn’t capable of sending assignment solutions on time. There are allegations that Thanksforthehelp.com sends back assignment order, along with the refund, at the very last moment. Consequence? The poor student would simply land in a soup.

TFTH Refund Policy

There’s no mention of “refund policy” on the home page of Thanksforthehelp.com. As a matter of fact, refund policies play a crucial role when it comes to keeping things transparent digitally. Since the TFTH has not mentioned anything about refunds, things would turn out to be a bit shady.

Most students are often on the lookout for refund policies while approaching online academic help platforms. Since TFTH haven’t included or talked about refunds, the firm is not likely to be tagged as “student-friendly”.


Coming to the concluding section, according to the Thanksforthehelp.com reviews, the site seems to be somewhat shady. The portal failed to highlight and talk about the aspects of revisions, freebies, refunds and a lot more features. Thus, this academic help portal cannot be tagged as a trustworthy and completely reliable platform for students.

There are lots of critical loopholes to be fixed before Thanksforthehelp.com could actually claim to be student-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Thanksforthehelp legit?

Answer: Here is why Thanksforthehelp is not a legit writing service:
  • Poor writing quality
  • Mediocre writers
  • Pass the deadline
  • Does not consider the requirements
  • Lack of basic subject knowledge
  • Unprofessional customer support executives

2. Is Thanksforthehelp an Australian company?

Answer: Thanksforhelp maybe an Australian company, but the writers hired by them are no Australian native experts.

3. Is Thanksforthehelp fake?

Answer: No matter what they promise you, trustedessayreviews.com suggests students not to believe any of their words.. Their work is not standard and is filled with numerous mistakes. Even if you opt for revision, they will fail at making the changes as you have demanded. Such assignments will only risk your career.

4. Thanksforthehelp service is a scam?

Answer: As per the research done by trustedessayreviews.com Thanksforhelp is a big scam. They do not care about your requirements. All they care about is their money. They will also respond to you when you make a query. So there is no way you can trust this website.


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It is a freaking joke

Reviewed by Mohd Kaif on 23 Nov, 2020

It is a freaking joke

They were keep contacting via email before I made the payment.

Once payment was done, never bothered to reply to my calls and emails.

They have missed my deadline 24hours!!!

And still waiting for the assignment

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