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Australianassignmentshelp.com is an assignment writing service that targets Aussie students. It doesn’t seem to be as popular as other assignment writing services in Australia. This fake service claims to help students in Australian universities with all sort of academic writings. However, if you go through the list of services that they have mentioned on their website, you’ll see that they do not offer much. When you click on the “Services” tab on their home page, a drop-down menu will appear that displays the following services:


  • Buy assignment
  • Do my assignment
  • Cheap assignment
  • Assignment provider
  • Assignment help Melbourne
  • Assignment help Sydney
  • Assignment maker services


They have not clearly mentioned the list of “all academic writing services” that they claim to provide. All, that this fraud website can offer you, is a writing assistance for:

  • Assignment
  • Dissertation
  • Essay
  • Homework


Additionally, they offer assistance for power point presentation, article review and annotated bibliography. However, they do not offer what they readily promise on very first page of their website. The services that they offer are limited.

Quality of works

If you go through the website content of Australianassignmentshelp.com, you’ll get an idea of the quality of content that they are capable of providing you. Almost all the website pages are unnecessarily stuffed with odd words. The team out there has not put up a dedicated page for quality reviews. So, one may not really get an idea of the quality of work that the team provides.

We ordered a paper from Australianassignmentshelp.com to get a better idea of the quality of their work. We ordered a very basic standard quality essay with a 275 words limit with a ten days’ deadline. As expected, the service did not provide our essay on time. We got it four days after the mentioned deadline and that too in a pathetic condition. There were a lot of grammatical errors, and the formatting was poorly done. Also, when we checked it for plagiarism, the essay was nothing but a copied piece of content that they picked up from a random website. As we searched for the reviews of this horrible service, we found many reviews similar to that of ours. Have a look at one of them:





Cost/Price Plan

Australianassignmentshelp.com offers you two categories of services:

  • Standard
  • Premium

Ordering a standard quality essay of 275 words with 10 days’ deadline will cost you AU$9.8. It sounds affordable but may not necessarily be the cheapest option available in market. This price may shoot up to AU$12.6 if you opt for their premium service. Also, this price may vary depending upon various factors like delivery time, document length and number of pages. Here’s a sneak peek into the pricing structure of Australianassignmentshelp.com.

As far as discounts are concerned, Australianassignmentshelp offers a discount on the first order from this website. However, they have not mentioned exactly how much discount a student would get on his first order. We did not find any other discount here.

It’s funny, how we never find any issues with payment options of any assignment writing services. Just like most of its competitors, Australianassignmentshelp.com also offers a number of payment options.  However, before reaching a payment option, you have to fill up a detailed form mentioning all the specifications of your order. Once you are done with the entire order form, you can pay using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.



We didn’t hear from their support team for days once we placed our order. This shows they are least bothered about you once you’ve paid. Now, it was our duty to inquire about our essay. So, we reached out to their customer support team two days before the given deadline. There was no reply for two days. We received a mail on the last day that our order would be delayed. It would take a day or two. We asked them the reason which caused them to be silent for the next two days! Well, that’s undoubtedly not how a 24/7 customer support is meant to be!

Also, it’s not just us who found their customer support useless. Here’s someone who faced the same problem as we did:

Refund Policy:


We understand the value of money. We know that when a client trusts us by giving us their money for quality work, they have the right to take the money back if they are not happy with the work.


This is how their refund policy starts. Only if even a single word written in this policy was correct. They surely care for money, but that’s the only thing they are worried about. They have little or no regard for your money, grades and deadlines. So, even if you approach them with all required proofs, we doubt they’ll provide you with refund. Their support team doesn’t even get in touch with you for days after you contact them, leave alone refund processing. Here’s a quick view of their absurd refund policy:





  • Average prices
  • Easy payment procedure




  • Poor quality papers
  • Absurd policies
  • Poor customer support
  • Plagiarism
  • Little or no regard for deadlines







If you go through the “Terms and Conditions” page of this assignment assistance service, you’ll see that it claims to be deadline oriented under the “Order Delivery Concerns” section. However, under the same section, you’ll see that Australianassignmentshelp.com contradicts its own claim. It promises to provide timely delivery and at the same time says that in case of a failed timely delivery they would inform the student through mail. So, this clearly implies that you can’t really rely on this service if you care about your grades.

  • Unlimited Revision:
  • Australianassignmentshelp.com offers unlimited revisions for free. It claims that students’ satisfaction is their priority. We seriously wonder what’s the point of offering this facility when they can’t even provide the assignments within given deadlines!
  • Masters And PhD Writers:

Considering the quality of work that we received, it wouldn’t be wrong to say Australianassignmentshelp.com hires freelance writers. Their writers are not capable enough of putting up an error-free website content. You will come across many grammatical errors in their website content leave alone the content in an assignment ordered from them. The site is nothing more than a scam that lies about being backed up by a team of Masters and PhD writers.

  • No Plagiarism

Yet another fake claim of this fraud website. The essay that we ordered from Australianassignmentshelp.com had a number of lines copied directly from some other academic site. It had some serious plagiarism issues that would have lead any student into serious trouble due to strict university policies against plagiarism.

My Verdict:


Australianassignmentshelp.com is not as popular as other assignment writing services. It may offer seemingly affordable prices, but these are not the lowest prices available in the market. You can find a lot of better options. Academic writers here are no experts. They are just freelancers that Australianassignmentshelp.com has hired to mint money from distressed students. There is no transparency regarding discounts and policies.


It’s better to stay away from such a fraud website!


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They are fake

Reviewed by Puneet Jasrotia on 09 Feb, 2021

The australianassignmentshelp and their service both are non-reliable. They promise to provide free revision but actually it is not true. They somehow will charge you for that and also the revision is not up to the mark. They are fake.

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