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Essayroo.com is an Australia based writing service that offers a wide variety of writing services ranging from secondary school level basic essays to graduate-level thesis and dissertation proposals. Though their services span over US and UK as well their main target audience is the Australian population.


This self-proclaimed “top essay writing service” has hoaxed many students from various Australian universities over all these years. Aussie students in high school, college, and graduate programs are their main targets. EssayRoo is backed up by a small team of incompetent academic writers. Their services include:

  • Writing services
  • Proofreading
  • Copywriting
  • Rewriting
  • Editing
  • Dissertation services
  • Admission services
  • Resume/CV services


Like hundreds of other academic writing services online, EssayRoo also tries to rope in customers by making a number of false claims of providing quality writing service at the best prices. It further claims to have the best professional writers who adhere to the company’s policy of 0% plagiarism and timely delivery.

We decided to stalk this self-proclaimed “Student’s favourite” writing service to bring out the truth in front of you people and what we found was nothing like their flashy promises that they’ve made on their website. Let’s have a look at all that we discovered.


Quality of works

At a price, as high as that charged by EssayRoo, one would expect an excellent paper that’s free of typos, grammatical errors and most importantly plagiarism. However, that’s not really what you get from this writing service. We ordered a basic high school paper. EssayRoo offered a 15% discount that helped reduce the price to some extent. This discount is however available only for those who are ordering from EssayRoo for the first time. To avail this discount again, we would have to spend a lot before accumulating the desired number of pages. Anyhow, the self-proclaimed “highly trusted writing service in Australia” was not able to live up to our expectations.


Though we received our paper before the deadline, it was horrible. It was poorly formatted, plagiarised and full of grammatical errors. In other words, our money was simply wasted. Not just this, even the samples that they have displayed on their website are not unique. Most of them have been copied from other academic sites. Also, you can find a mix of good and bad reviews about EssayRoo's paper quality online.



Cost/Price Plan

Essayroo.com has a dedicated pricing details page. It displays the pricing structure and price calculator so that the students can mention all their requirements and get an idea of the price to be paid. The lowest price to get a high school paper written within a 14 days deadline is $18.30.

Firstly, a 14-days deadline, to finish a high school paper is more than what’s required. Secondly, the price that they charge for the same is too high. Also, the cost would shoot up depending upon the urgency, academic level and service quality.

EssayRoo sure offers discounts to the students but this facility comes with a price. There’s a dedicated page on the website that explains the discount scheme in detail. According to their “Lifetime Discount Scheme”, students are eligible for:

  • 5% discount when they order 15 pages in total
  • 10% discount when they order 50 pages in total
  • 15% discount when they order 100 pages in total.

So, that means, the lowest that a high school student has to spend, in order to avail a discount, with the intention of saving money, is $275.69! That’s nowhere around a price that a student can spend comfortably.


You can make your payment using any of the payment options provided by this Australian paper writing service. It allows you to make easy payments using PayPal, wire transfers, credit cards and personal credit balance ( is created by storing an amount of money to the customer’s personal account on the website for future orders).




EssayRoo.com boasts about its 24/7 support. EssayRoo representatives can be contacted any time of the day or night for questions and help with placing an order. This is what they advertise on the website but the truth is totally opposite. When the delivery of our paper was delayed, we reached out to their customer support team through live chat.


Now, when you opt for live chat, leaving aside all the other options for contacting, you are obviously expecting a prompt reply, aren’t you? Well, if you are expecting that from EssayRoo, we are so sorry to tell you but you’re sure to be disappointed. They not only failed at providing prompt replies but when they replied, they were not able to resolve our queries in a satisfactory manner.


This clearly points out that their customer support team is not well-trained and there are leaky holes in their support system and their claims of being at their customers’ service, 24/7, are baseless.






  • Money Back Guarantee:


EssayRoo has a complex money back guarantee. According to this guarantee, students can be compensated in the case of a cancelled order, late delivery and bad quality claims. According to the guarantee:

  1. A customer is entitled to 100% compensation if he/she cancels an order before a writer is assigned to him/her.
  2. The amount of compensation when the writer is assigned would be reduced to 70%.
  3. The compensation amount would further decrease to 50% if the writer has been assigned and half the deadline has elapsed.


There’s a section in this guarantee:


The processing fee is $10(Ten), or more and small transactions will not be processed since it can't cover the transaction fees for the Company and the Customer's Bank. In this instance, the Customer will have the amount back as their Credit Balance to use as payment for future orders.


So, you can only expect how troublesome the entire refund process at Essayroo.com would be.


  • Privacy Guaranteed:


Essayroo.com has displayed an elaborate privacy policy. You can have a look at it right here:


It readily claims that all the student data is kept safe with the concerned people and that there is no chance of the data being shared. However, a single point in their privacy policy renders the entire policy futile. The fact that they give away your personal data to third parties for some "specific purposes" that they know the best, itself shows how important your privacy is for the writing service!

Revision policy:


The company's revision policy states that a customer can place his/her revision request within 14 days after the order has been delivered. The revision, in this case, will be free of cost. However, the customers would be charged for the revisions if:

  • The revision request is raised after 14 days of order delivery.
  • The revision instructions violate initial order instructions.


However, placing a revision request is not of much use as that wouldn’t be of much use as they are least bothered about serving you the best.




  • Offers a variety of academic writing services
  • Attractive discounts
  • Timely delivery




  • High prices
  • Average quality papers
  • Poor customer support
  • Complex guarantees
  • Plagiarized content


My verdict:


EssayRoo.com sure has been quite famous among the Aussie students for a long time now. However, the paper writing service has not been fair when it comes to the pricing structure and the loyalty program. Firstly, their prices are too high as with respect to the quality of the papers that they deliver. Secondly, one has to accumulate a considerable amount of pages to be a loyal customer and be eligible for “15% discount (max)”. Moreover, you can’t really rely on their customer support team in case you have any queries regarding your paper. Their support agents are incompetent and ignorant, having little or no regard for the students’ requirements!


I would suggest to opt for some other paper writing service rather than falling for all the baits offered by this fraud paper writing service. It’s just a waste of time and money without any guarantee of good grades!


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Fraud essay writing service

Reviewed by Beau Braddon on 03 Dec, 2018

I have been cheated by this fraud essay writing service! They not only provided me with a copied essay but also refused a refund despite all the proofs that I provided them.

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Fraud Writing service

Reviewed by Isaac Mortlock on 12 Nov, 2018

Don’t rely on these frauds if you care for your grades. They have little or no regard for your grades and deadlines. Your academic career is simply none of their business.

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fake essay writing service

Reviewed by Harrison Kashiwagi on 01 Nov, 2018

This fake essay writing service is greedy for your money. They are incredibly insensitive about your deadline. I got mine two weeks after the deadline I mentioned and that too with a lot of mistakes in it.

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