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According to the Assignmenthelp4me.com and its content, it has been observed that Assignmenthelp4me.com claims to provide well-knit, relevant and reliable answers to all forms of academic queries. But, the question is, “How far are these claims true?” Is Assignmenthelp4me.com not legit?  Is Assignmenthelp4me a scam website?  

Let’s explore the bigger picture.


Quality of works

Assignmenthelp4me.com claims to send across high-quality assignment solutions. Also, the firm and its writers claim to adhere to the academic guidelines and draft paper accordingly. As far as the quality of works is concerned, Assignmenthelp4me.com claims to value grades and draft each paper in a way that students can achieve the coveted score out of it.

Bursting your bubbles; such claims are not quite true. Here’s what a review suggests:

If we are to refer to the aforementioned Assignmenthelp4me.com review, then it is quite clear and evident that the firm is not really into quality assurances in a way it should have been.


Cost/Price Plan

Coming to the aspect of pricing, it is to be mentioned that the website offers a free quote. You need to create an Assignmenthelp4me.com log in account and sign up to avail of this feature. Apart from that, Assignmenthelp4me.com has no other pricing information included anywhere on the website.

Now, this is one major downside. When a student would visit the Assignmenthelp4me and try to figure out the prices attached against each assignment service, he/she will not be able to deduce anything constructive. Moreover, the website does not offer any discount and student-friendly deals. This is again one reason why Assignmenthelp4me is not a reliable name in Australia.

Price Comparison

Since there is no specific mention of pricings on the website, students or any other user will not be able to compare their prices with that of their competitors’ quotes. Now, this could again give rise to a lot of confusion among students, as Assignmenthelp4me won’t get to figure out and evaluate whether the firm includes hidden costs and other criticalities.

This is as well an indication that Assignmenthelp4me.com is not quite vocal about the aspect of pricing. So, what should be deduced here? It is quite likely that the firm is not legit. If it had been a trustworthy academic help firm in its truest sense, then it would have been vocal about pricings.



The live chat support pops up as soon as one would visit Assignmenthelp4me for login credentials. In addition, the site offers a toll-free Australian number, along with an Email address. Not only this, but the Assignmenthelp4me also claims to get users connected via Skype and other social media networking sites. However, there are bigger truths to be explored in this context.

According to an unbiased review platform, Assignmenthelp4me.com has been tagged as an academic service provider that is doubtful in nature. The support system often fails to operate smoothly. Most of the time, users apparently need to wait for long to resolve their queries. Moreover, the website is said to carry a lot of spelling errors. Also, the “order now” button on the Assignmenthelp4me fails to operate smoothly at times.



This is yet another crucial aspect of the discussion that needs to be reviewed thoroughly. The website, Assignmenthelp4me.com claims to offer deadline-oriented assignment assistance. It has been mentioned that the writers associated with the firm are dedicated to adhering to the assignment deadlines. But, is it is really as genuine as it appears to be?

There are issues pertaining to the aspect of timely delivery. Most users are of the opinion that the firm often fails to send across solution within the mentioned deadline. One of the prime users is of the opinion that the in-house writers tend to take a back foot on several occasions. This occurs mostly under circumstances where they are asked to work on critical papers such as dissertations and thesis.

Now, if we are to consider these revelations, then the firm is certainly not the right choice for deadline-oriented assignment assistance.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of the firm says that if a writer has already been assigned with a task, the student has to continue with the work. Now, this particular claim appears to be somewhat confusing. What does it even mean?

 Going through the refund policy section further; it has been observed that the firm only offer 50% of the refund. But, this hasn’t been specified anywhere at the beginning of the section, neither on the homepage.

If a novice visits the site, then he/she might feel misguided. This could be yet another downside and a critically alarming factor for users, as well as for the firm.


To conclude, it is to be mentioned that the firm Assignmenthelp4me.com is not as reliable as it claims to be. There are certain unclear aspects and a lack of transparency associated with the Assignmenthelp4me.

Unless the associated executives don’t pay heed to these concerns, things won’t be streamlined down the road.


1. Is Assignmenthelp4me legit?

Answer: As per student reviews, Assignmenthelp4me is considered to be not trustworthy by many students. The website also does not display any price structure. The pricing system of the website does not seem ethical at all. So one cannot possibly call Assignmenthelp4me to be legit writing service.

2. Is Assignmenthelp4me an Australian company?

Answer: Although they claim to be an Australian based online writing service, but that is far from the truth. Some students even called them fraud for claiming to be an Australian company. They do not have any Australian based writers, and it is clearly evident once you see their work. 

3. Is Assignmenthelp4me reliable?

Answer: Here are a few reasons why Assignmenthelp4 is not reliable:

  • Poor English grammar
  • Useless revision work
  • Some parts of content getting plagiarised
  • Passing the deadline
  • Unprofessional customer support
  • Fake revision policy
  • No price structure

4. Is Assignmenthelp4me fake?

Answer: After going through the reviews, it was pretty evident that the writers do not have the qualification, experience that is expected from a PhD expert. Their writing website is absolutely fake. You will not see any changes in their revised work.

5. Assignmenthelp4me service is a scam?

Answer: When you are searching online writing service, it is difficult to tell which website is a scam and which one is not. Trustedessayreviews.com have done a thorough investigation on the website and found out how the website is nothing as they have claimed. The writers are completely unprofessional. They tend to pass the deadlines. A lot of students have received a C and D degree.


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Decent services, good quality

Reviewed by Natasha on 15 Dec, 2020

They offer decent services which are helpful and cost-effective as well. Also, the quality of their work is good as they seem to have expert writers and learned tutors. I will rate their services 8 on 10. The response speed can be slightly better but no complaints to make with the efficiency of assignments.

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