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Can you trust AssignmentWorkHelp.com with your assignments? Go through this detailed review on AssignmentWorkHelp.com to understand and make a quick decision. We have gathered information from various forums and conducted surveys to help you gain a proper understanding.

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Table of Content
1. What is AssignmentWorkHelp.com?
2. Quality of works
3. Cost/Price plan
4. Price comparison
5. Support
6. Delivery
7. Refund policy
8. Free academic help tools
9. Customer reviews

Students are overburdened with assignments and need help to complete each of them on time. AssignmentWorkHelp.com is an Australian assignment help website that provides both tutoring and writing services to students. Here’s a detailed insight into the company’s nature of services and other points.

What is AssignmentWorkHelp.com?

AssignmentWorkHelp.com did not clarify its nature of business. In one part, they have stated that they are a tutoring website; on the other, they have stated that they provide assignment writing services. Both are not the same. AssignmentWorkHelp.com claims to be an online consultancy company that helps students with their academic needs.

The website has not specified anything, and students might get confused about the type of services. The website is present in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, UK and USA. AssignmentWorkHelp.com aims to provide quality services at affordable prices. But that is debatable.

Unlike other websites, AssignmentWorkHelp.com has 500+ PhD experts in its team. So, if you are asking for last-minute help from them after knowing their bandwidth, you are taking a huge risk.

Quality of works

A student who availed the services of AssignmentWorkHelp.com has said that the assignments were not up to the mark. The writers are not well-versed with the writing methods and do not know how to handle assignments. In addition, if you go through the website, you will come across multiple writing errors. The website is not reliable and should not be trusted with any assignment.

We have come across several websites, but AssignmentWorkHelp.com do not stand a chance against the other websites. They do not have the necessary resources or the team to provide high-quality assignments.


Cost/Price Plan

First of all, there is no price plan on the website. Other websites share a price list to help students make quick decisions. AssignmentWorkHelp.com does not seem legit considering their approach with the prices. The website has a form for students that they can fill out and get a free quote.

It is difficult to trust a website that does not share its cost or price plan. The website makes fake promises about offering assignments at affordable prices. AssignmentWorkHelp.com is a scam. You will not get the best solutions from them and will be unable to score well in the papers.

Price comparison

It is impossible to share a price comparison for AssignmentWorkHelp.com. But as per students who availed their services, the prices are too high compared to the quality. There are many service providers that offer the same services and have a better output charge way too less than AssignmentWorkHelp.com.

If you are still in two minds, you can let go AssignmentWorkHelp.com. They will be of no help. Look for other websites that offer much better services at affordable prices.



The website is not maintained well. If you are expecting support from them, you can give up on your hopes of getting the necessary support. AssignmentWorkHelp.com does not have the right people to help you with the processes. As per a student, “I had to wait for an hour to get an answer from the representatives. The experts were also not available to help me with my assignments. I did not get the right support from AssignmentWorkHelp.com.

They do not respond quickly to students asking for last-minute assignment help. The website is not a reliable one. You can give up on your hopes of scoring well in your assignments if you have chosen AssignmentWorkHelp.com as your assignment writing partner.



If you are in the group of students who struggle with deadlines and have chosen AssignmentWorkHelp.com, you might want to rethink about it. The website does not have the right people to handle deadline-oriented assignments and fails to deliver projects on time. We have surveyed students across all levels and did not get good reviews on their delivery time.

It would be safe to say that the website does not have the resources to handle deadline-oriented assignments and has not delivered any on time.

Refund policy

Like their price plans, there is no clarity on the refund policy of AssignmentWorkHelp.com. Many students have called the website a scam as they cheat people off their money and do not share refunds if they fail to deliver projects on time.

You might not want to work with a website that does not have a proper refund policy. An assignment help website is expected to keep things transparent. But that is not the same for AssignmentWorkHelp.com.

Academic help tools

The website does not offer any access to academic help tools to students. You can let go of your expectations of getting your assignments completed in seconds with academic tools. AssignmentWorkHelp.com do not have any information on academic help tools on their website.

1. Is AssignmentWorkHelp.com?
Ans: No, AssignmentWorkHelp.com is not legit. They do not share all information on their website and cannot be trusted with assignments. 
2. Is AssignmentWorkHelp.com a scam?
Ans: Yes, AssignmentWorkHelp.com is a scam. The website does not share any refunds if they fail to deliver papers on time.
3. Is AssignmentWorkHelp.com an Australian assignment help company?
Ans: Yes, AssignmentWorkHelp.com is an Australian assignment help company. The company is also available in Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, UK and USA.
4. Is AssignmentWorkHelp.com reliable?
Ans: No, AssignmentWorkHelp.com is not a reliable website. You should not trust the website with your assignments. 
5. Is AssignmentWorkHelp.com fake?
Ans: The website makes fake promises about providing quality assignments at affordable prices. You should not trust this website if you want to score well. 


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