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Elite Assignment Help is just one of those fraud academic writing services that promise to take away all the assignment and essay burden from the students. This fake writing service appears to be based in Australia and offers services specific to the Australian universities and students. They offer a limited number of services. Here’s a list of the services offered by them:

  • Academic paper writing
  • Rewriting
  • Maths, Physics, Economics and Statistics problems
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Copywriting
  • Admission services
  • Dissertation services
  • Resume/ CV writing

At first glance, you won’t find anything fishy about the academic writing service. As you dig deeper into the website content, you’ll become sure that you should definitely not rely on this fake website for the last minute assignment/essay help. Here’s a genuine review about Eliteassignmenthelp.com that shows it is no more a scam.

Quality of works

The content quality matters a lot when it comes to assignments, essays and eventually your grades. So, even if you have procrastinated a lot, you wish your paper doesn’t miss out on anything, whether it is well-researched content or proper format, don’t you? That’s when you start searching for a reliable source of assignment assistance. In such a situation, you may stumble upon this website and wish to avail their services. And that’s when you’ll be making the biggest mistake of your life!


Wondering what makes me say that?


Well, if you go through their website content, every page of their website, right from the landing page to the one with samples, is full of a lot of grammatical errors. What can you expect from a small team of over 100 writers? All the mistakes on the web pages reflect the lack of expertise and seriousness of team eliteassignmenthelp.com. You can only wonder how bad your experience is going to be if you order an assignment or essay from this fraud website.


Cost/Price Plan

The price of an assignment or an essay that you order from Eliteassignmenethelp.com depends upon the length of the paper, the service level that you opt for and urgency. The lowest price that you are supposed to pay will be for one page, high school level essay with a 14-days deadline. You’ll be paying $17.95/page.


Eliteassignmenthelp.com offers the following discounts:


  • First-order discounts: If it’s the first time that you are ordering from this assignment writing service, you’ll get a 30% discount on your order.
  • Seasonal discounts: Eliteassignmenthelp.com comes up with different discounts on various holidays to entice its present and potential customers.
  • Referral discounts: You need to sign up with Eliteassignmenthelp.com in to avail these discounts.
  • Loyalty discounts: This discount demands you to be a loyal customer of Eliteassignmenthelp.com. Also, you need to order in bulk to avail this discount. You’re eligible for:
  1. 5% discount if you order 15+ pages
  2. 10% discount if you order for 50+ pages
  3. 15% discount if you order for 100+ pages


After observing their pricing and discount pattern, it can be said that their claims of offering “affordable prices” for their services are vague.


What’s the point calling these services affordable if one has to order in bulk? The student is ultimately forced to order in the hope of getting a good discount. 




At Eliteassignmenthelp.com, you can pay using credit/ debit cards, PayPal or wire transfer. Making a payment is not a tedious task at Eliteassignmenthelp.com.




 Money-Back Guarantee:


According to the money-back guarantee of Eliteassignmenthelp.com:

  • A customer can come up with a refund request, within two months after the order was completed.
  • Any refunds that are below 10 AUD cannot be processed.
  • The refunds below 10 AUD are applied to the customer’s account for use toward a future order.

The policy further states that any refund amount that is less than $10 will be applied to the customer’s account for use toward a future order.

What a vague money-back guarantee. It’s just there for the sake of filling up the guarantees page.

Affordable Prices:


“Expert writing help with academic assignments has never been easier to get.” - That’s their tagline for convincing that the Aussie students can easily afford the prices that they offer for their writing services.

However, their pricing structure states an entirely different story. The lowest price that you’ll have to pay to avail Eliteassignmenthelp’s writing service is $17.95/ page for a high school level paper that too with a 14-day deadline. Moreover, one either needs to be a first time customer or a loyal customer who has already ordered enough papers to avail their discounts. So, in no way, are their prices affordable to be precise.




Eliteassignmenthelp.com claims to offer 24/7 customer support. You can contact them using the contact number provided on the website header or their live chat support. However, there’s no assurance of an instant help through their chat support. That’s because you can’t straightaway start a chat with their support team. You’ll first have to fill a form with your name, email address and the department that you wish to connect with.

Eliteassignmenthelp.com boasts about its so called “amazing” team of 100+ expert writers. It further claims to be the “no.1 writing service in Australia”. Well, if you go through their website content, you’ll know the level of expertise of these writers. The website content itself is filled with so many errors that you can’t trust them when it’s about your assignments and grades. The fact that the writers at Eliteassignmenthelp.com couldn’t put together an error-free content for the website, itself shows their incompetence. 




Once you are done with that, you’ll have to wait until the support team gets back to you. So, you can’t expect real-time assistance from them.


Deadline Oriented:


Just like all the academic writing services, Eliteassignmenthelp.com also promises to deliver all the orders before the deadline. However, if you go through their website's “How soon can we complete your assignment?” section, you’ll be confused about whether you should or should not order your assignment or essay from Eliteassignmenthelp.com or not. This section states that it doesn’t matter whether you order your assignment six weeks before the deadline or 6 hours before the deadline, you’ll bet the same quality of assignment! That’s too big a claim to be made.

Revision Policy:


Just like all the other policies of Eliteassignmenthelp.com, this one is also vague. The revision policy of this writing service states that a customer is entitled to free amendments to his/her order within a 14-day period after order delivery. The customer will have to pay additionally in case a revision is required at a later time. The charges will be based on the complexity of the revision. 




  • Easy payment
  • Timely delivery
  • Average prices




  • Incompetent writers
  • Average quality assignments and essays
  • Inefficient customer support
  • Vague discount policy


My Verdict:


Eliteassignmenthelp.com is not a good choice when you are looking for a quick fix. Even though the prices are somewhat reasonable and they even claim to provide your assignments before the deadlines but the quality of their work is not worth your money. You can’t trust their small team of incompetent writers when it’s about your grades!


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Worst delivery issue

Reviewed by Prudhviraj Kanigalpula on 14 Jun, 2019

I received my final assignment after two days of deadline in two part and that was my worst experience with eliteaassignment.

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poorly written

Reviewed by Rose Knox on 12 Nov, 2018

The writer that they provided me with was pathetic, to say the least. I had to explain all my requirements 100 of times. After all this, what I got was a poorly written and formatted essay with many errors.

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fake assignment help service

Reviewed by Dakota Mott on 05 Nov, 2018

Do you want your essay paper to be marked red like mine? Obviously no! Don’t even think of relying on this fake assignment help service!

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