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None of the essay writing services rose to fame as fast as EduBirdie.com did! This mysterious essay writing service wasn’t known to anyone at first and then, all of a sudden, it emerged out of nowhere and became the talk of the town. Almost all social media platforms were flooded with “EduBirdie” promotions. I still remember I was watching some random videos on YouTube. There was this particular video from a show where they help spy and find out if one’s partner is cheating on them. Just when the clip came to an end, the host started promoting EduBirdie.com. Not just this, the essay writing service has created a stir around the globe with all its flashy promotional strategies and unbelievable guarantees. Since almost every student around is quite fascinated with this “self-proclaimed best essay writing service”, I was enticed to review it and let all of you know if the service is legit and reliable or completely a scam!

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1. Quality of works
2. Cost/Price Plan
3. Price Comparision
4. Support
5. Pros & Cons
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Quality of works

As I researched about this so called “students’ favourite essay writing service”, I found out, the things are pretty much the other way around. EduBirdie has faced backlash for providing reused papers, on many social media platforms. Additionally, their team of writers is displayed on the very first page of the website. No harm in boasting about its experts, right?

However, if you open up a profile of any of these writers, you’ll see that all of these writers have 4 to 5 top subjects. In other words, they help students complete assignments on different topics. This proves either of the two things:

  1. The writers hold a PhD degree in a lot of subjects
  2. EduBirdie is merely lying about its writers’ qualifications.

The first fact seems vague, so it’s evident that EduBirdie has been fooling the students with its flashy terms like “Standard”, “Premium” and “Platinum quality”! Anyways, EduBirdie would never clear this confusion as it won’t tell you the qualification of the writer. All you can see is the number of orders completed by that particular writer. So, my friends, you’ve got to be smart enough while choosing your writer or else you’re sure to be disappointed!


Cost/Price Plan

The target audience for such services mainly includes the college students who are prone to mental stress from all the assignment and essay burden. Nonetheless, the pricing structure should be designed accordingly. Knowing that the service is meant for the students who are not only struggling with exam and assignment stress but also with a tight budget, charging high prices just points at the team’s apathy. The best price for getting a paper done at EduBirdie.com is around $18! Not to forget, this price may shoot up further as the website follows a bidding system. You are bound to get different offers from different writers. All you have to do, to save your money is, you have to let go off the temptation of the cheapest writer as he/she would merely be a freelancer who may or may not have an expertise in the topic you want them to deal in!

Transparency is something that the team at EduBirdie is least interested in. Don’t believe me? Ever checked their Facebook page or website? What’s more surprising is, you won’t get any discounts for signing up or as a return customer! In other words, the essay writing service just can’t be termed as the one that the students can afford without burning holes into their pockets!

The Payments section is the only section on the entire website that I found the smoothest of all. The reason? Well, they won’t let you face any difficulty while you pay for their pathetic essay writing service.

All you have to do is, you connect with the team at EduBirdie, tell them all that you want your paper to have. After that, the writers bid on it, and you choose your preferred essay writer, assign him the task and make a payment using PayPal or Visa/ Master card.

Price Comparision with Edubirdie





There’s a live chat window pinned to the lower left corner of the website that says “24/7” customer service. Let me tell you, their live chat agents are not available to attend you. You’re supposed to communicate only with the designated writer in case you have any query or changes to be made. In fact, as per my research, I came across a number of reviews which stated that their customer support team seems more like a bunch of robots giving those automated replies to all your questions.

Customer Satisfaction And Confidentiality:

Only pay after getting the perfect paper. No revision limits.

That’s their punch line to convince the visitors to avail their services or should I say a trap to extract money from the students who are in urgent need of assignment help. More often than not, students fall prey to their unrealistic claims of “quality assignments” within “three hours” and that too with “unlimited revisions”!

The website may simply brush off the allegations of poor quality assignments but they couldn't get away with the claims of BBC Trending Investigation team. The claim was based on an experiment wherein the team ordered 2 essays from EduBirdie and then reviewed it. The report released by BBC clearly stated that EduBirdie is capable of providing only an average quality content. The report further mentioned that the content provided by the site's so-called "expert writers" was full of elementary mistakes and it, in no way seems that the writers are professional enough to deal with. In other words, EduBirdie's guarantee of "A grade papers" is just a hoax!

As far as confidentiality is concerned, what can you expect from a company that has little or no regard for your academic career and is just interested in extracting money from you? Don’t believe my words? Here you go:

Source: www.rankmywriter.com/edubirdie-com-review

Quick Results:

EduBirdie offers you a choice of around “200+ dedicated essay writers. It’s great to have a lot of options to choose from, isn’t it? Now, check the list of countries that are served by this self-proclaimed “top essay writing service”. Its services span over four nations, with a high customer satisfaction rate, that too with a team of 200+ writers! How is it even possible for such a small group to take care of all the assignment orders from 4 nations including the USA!

Source: www.topdissertations.org/edubirdie-review



EduBirdie claims that every student seeking assignment help gets a 100% plagiarism free paper. The very first page on their website says that the team at “EduBirdie” not only checks the web but also their database of completed orders so as to make sure that every student receives quality and unique papers. They further claim to provide you with unlimited revisions under their revision policy.


I can show you a hell lot of reviews that render all these claims futile. There have been a lot of complaints against this fraud essay writing service on almost every social media platform. Here’s a proof that this incompetent essay writing service simply brushes off its responsibility by providing plagiarized essays:

Source: www.rankmywriter.com/edubirdie-com-review

Pros & Cons:

  • Offers a wide range of writing services
  • No instant assistance
  • Opportunity to choose your writer yourself
  • No discounts
  • High prices
  • Poor quality papers
  • Non-native writers 



As much as you may feel enticed by their flashy website and over the top promises, you should first consider why you’ve landed upon EduBirdie. That’s because you want a quality essay at an affordable price and that too before the deadline so as to bag high grades, don’t you? Moreover, you want to adhere to the strict university laws regarding plagiarism and other such necessary elements. Well, I am seriously sorry to say but EduBirdie won’t be able to provide what you want. Based on all the reviews and the way they’ve failed to manage their online reputation, it’s obvious that they’re sure to live up to your expectations. Don’t fall a prey to fake promises or else you’ll not only end up losing your money and time but also your last chance of securing high grades!

Not satisfied with Edubirdie.com services???

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Worst experience ever

Reviewed by Patricia Tremblay on 25 Feb, 2019

A friend of mine suggested Edubirdie.com to me, which is why I thought I could trust them. I gave them the instructions, chose the writer, made the payment and received the assignment on time. But, the biggest shock was waiting for me when my professor told me that it was a plagiarised copy. Needless to say the paper got rejected! I will never recommend Edubirdie.com

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