6 Helpful Tips To Approach Anonymous Negative Reviews Online

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TrustedEssayReview: 6 Helpful Tips To Approach Anonymous Negative Reviews Online

Reviews are the lifeline for any business, whether it be a new start-up or an established corporation. New customers will form their first impression of your business after going through the previous users' experiences to decide whether you are dependable or not.

As a result, it becomes vital to ensure that you have good feedback regarding your service. However, there is always the possibility of receiving some negative reviews from time to time.

Usually, this comes from customers who are dissatisfied with the product or service you have to offer. One negative feedback amidst hundreds of positive ones won't affect your reputation much. However, multiple anonymous negative reviews that outweigh the positive ones can have serious consequences.

In such cases, you have to tread very carefully if you wish to maintain a good online image. So let's look at six ways you can deal with a tricky situation like this.

1. Keep calm and maintain a professional tone

Whenever any business receives negative reviews, some people tend to go into denial and blame the customer. Sometimes, the mistake can be on your part, and other times, it is just a simple miscommunication. Try to keep your calm and look into the matter without shifting the issue into a blame game.

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2. Do not ignore the issue

Businesses that don't address negative reviews lose the trust of their customers immediately. In addition, it is unprofessional and further increases the belief that you were in the wrong. So instead, it is best to reassure the customer that you'd be giving all your attention to solving any issues they have swiftly and efficiently.

3. Be humble and apologise for any shortcomings 

Most customers who leave anonymous negative reviews aren't looking for an escalation of the matter. Put yourself in the customer's shoes and think how you'd feel if you receive a product or service that isn't what was promised. Your first step should be to take responsibility for the matter and apologise to the customer. This simple thing can change the customer's perspective and turn their negative feedback into a positive one.

4. Avoid empty promises

Once you reassure the customer that you'd get to the bottom of the issue, don't forget to follow up, hoping that the customer will forget about the incident. Such empty promises will hamper your online reputation and put off new customers from your business.

Instead, it would help if you gathered a team who will look into the matter and keep the customer updated about the investigation proceedings.

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5. Take the matter offline

When you receive an anonymous negative review, it is best to solve the situation offline. If you try to solve the matter through online correspondence might take a lot of time and cause more trouble instead of solving it. 

Once you have reassured the customer of looking into the issue, provide some contact information to reach your executives, who will personally look into the matter. This shows that you are ready to take responsibility and adds a personal touch that customers will appreciate.

6. Ignore the obvious fake reviews

Sometimes, you'll come across a barrage of negative anonymous reviews whose sole aim is to discredit your business. These can be from random strangers on the internet or business competitors who can gain from ruining your reputation.

Some ways you can identify such fake reviews are:

  • Lack of detail about why they are dissatisfied with something
  • Leaving one star out of five without any reason
  • When the reviewer doesn't respond to your reaching out to them

In such cases, you can lodge a complaint and flag the review instead of wasting precious time.

Dealing with anonymous negative online reviews can be challenging. However, as long as you follow these six simple tips, you can avoid any situation that might result in considerable damage to your online reputation.

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6 Helpful Tips To Approach Anonymous Negative Reviews Online



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