Positive and negative reviews have changed the way customers purchase

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TrustedEssayReview: Positive and negative reviews have changed the way customers purchase

An article state that 97% of participants read customer reviews factor, and if impressed, make buying decisions. 92% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase when there are no reliable customer reviews, and 94% check reviews while surfing the internet, even if not paying for the product.  Online reviews play a notable role in influencing consumer shopping decisions and purchase behaviour. More often than not, product reviews are considered a powerful form of consumer engagement.

When using reviews with necessary insights, marketers fetch potential customers' attention and win loyalty and retention guarantee of existing ones. Online customer reviews help understand customer desires, needs, and expectations while developing a positive and engaging brand reputation. So, here are some research-based insights to help businesses understand how exactly reviews impact consumer shopping decisions.

The top 5 ways that explain how customer reviews help make purchasing decisions-

1. Reviews Have A Greater Conversion Impact For Higher-Priced Products

Studies state that to understand the conversion impact in various circumstances better, businesses should consider checking the thoughts shared by their customers. Retailers retrieve data about factors like higher-priced versus lower-priced products, competition between the high-end retailers, and consumers' decision via reviews. Hence, having more information via reviews helps mitigate that risk.

2. Five Stars Reviews Are “Too Good To Be True”

There is a common perception that more star rating equals more sales.  Higher ratings would lead to higher sales for businesses. Several researches have found that a better star rating is accurate, and the ideas of generating sales according to star ratings are correct to a specific limit. Across product categories, purchase likelihood typically peaks at ratings in the 4.0-4.7 range and decreases as ratings approach 5.0.

To put it in other words, products with an average star rating in the 4.7-5.0 range are less likely to be purchased than those in the 4.2-4.7 range. Customers get sceptical and see high end ratings as “too good to be true.”

3. Reviews Let Customers Fall In Love With The Company

Personal preferences that affect buying decisions include age, gender, race, level of involvement, and other demographic factors. Making purchasing decisions by customers is at its best when they feel involved. Studies show that customers frequently form an emotional approach to the product/service and state it in the reviews.

The feeling of 'getting involved with some products/services is not a one-off. On the contrary, lack of online consumer reviews enlightens two things about a business: either they don’t sell enough to get the review or are not confident enough to allow customers to leave honest feedback. A study by https://members.aaas.org/blogs/jonathan-soto/2019/05/22/how-reviews-influence-customers-purchase-decisions has shown that reviews impact younger adults and older consumers differently. Younger buyers are less influenced by negative reviews and prefer products with better attributes and higher average customer reviews. The older buyers are affected by a single affect-rich negative review.

4. Negative Feedback Dealing Shows Professionalism

According to BrightLocal survey, 89% of consumers read the responses of businesses for negative comments. Many companies think negative comments impact business adversely. However, the truth is, companies must respond to negative remarks with conviction and carefulness to not impact prospective customers adversely.

Negative reviews are as important for sales and conversion as a five-star rating. If businesses lack a single unsatisfied customer, it’s common for others to think that the positive reviews posted are fake. Besides, negative feedbacks are a great source of opportunities to demonstrate, and it shows that customer service works well. Companies' immediate responses and actions to correct the issue will show potential clients that they genuinely care about customers’ opinions. Companies should show empathy and willingness to apologize and fix the problems that customers faced.

5. Without Negative Reviews, Ads Aren’t Trustworthy

Consumers are not necessarily looking for a perfect provider when they check business review sites. Don't delete reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, or Facebook to show yourself perfect.

Today, 96 per cent of consumers don't trust what businesses say in ads. Instilling consumer trust through traditional advertising and marketing is a challenge nowadays.  Reviews provide essential social proof and human opinion that can influence consumer behaviour and shopping decisions and works well than claims made in advertisements.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the impactful ways for businesses to leverage online reviews and provide compelling social proof to boost shoppers’ confidence. Today, reviews serve authenticity that advertisements and promotions often lack. New-age shoppers check the reviews first and decide later. They want more than enough reviews to confirm a rating. A report by https://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/03/27/online-reviews-impact-purchasing-decisions-over-93-consumers-report-suggests noted that consumers expect an average of 112 reviews before they believe a rating is authentic.

Genuine customer feedback posted online for all purchasing aspects is more powerful and effective than traditional advertising messages and promotional content. Earn the trust of potential and existing customers by reviews, and help your target shoppers make better shopping decisions.

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