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Imagine you're looking for a service or product online. Before you decide to buy the product o avail the service, you'd probably look at the review sites. Now, let's talk about another scenario; imagine you've bought a gadget or a piece of furniture online. After your products are delivered, you're likely to receive a survey on your email asking you to about your experience. As a business owner, it’s imperative that you learn the differences between these two elements.

On that note, let’s elaborate on the differences between customer satisfaction survey and online review sites in this post.

What are online reviews websites?

This one quite self-explanatory; online review websites allow consumers to rate a product or service from a brand or business. These sites are specifically designed to seek feedback from different consumers, and many businesses rely on the reviews posted on these sites to attract more consumers.

The outcome of the reviews posted on these sites can be noticed in the form of a star rating. When the consumers visit the review page of a specific product, they may notice a button that says “review this product” with a list of reviews accompanied by star ratings. Apart from these sites, the reviews also appear on search results for an item or product, and a star rating is often included underneath the name of the brand r business.

Presented below are some reasons why online review sites are important.

  • The reviews from these sites make you come across as trustworthy
  • Expand the conversation about your business and brand
  • Essential for proper decision making
  • Make you more visible online
  • Has a major impact on the sales

What are Consumer satisfaction surveys?

Customer satisfaction surveys may be offered through email or maybe through a pop-up notification and urge them to share their experience using a product. Some companies also use surveys to measure the experience of interacting with customer service.

Surveys can be in-depth or brief, some with five or fewer questions, some with more questions. A typical survey will ask a consumer to rate his/her level of satisfaction with the product or service. There may also be a separate space at the bottom for comments.

The ratings can be represented in numerical form from 1 to 5 or with words ranging from “very disappointed” to “very satisfied.” A survey isn’t shared directly with the public and can be utilised at the company’s discretion. 

Here are a few reasons why customer satisfaction surveys are essential.

  • Decrease the likelihood of negative reviews in public without your knowledge
  • Ensures swifter resolution of complaints as the feedback is provided directly
  • Let you pose specific questions to consumers that reviews may never touch upon, how much the pricing of the product or the weather affects their choices
  • Lets you engage directly with the customer and build a relationship
  • Helps you learn more about the needs of the consumers, allowing you to identify the opportunities to extend your services.

Customer satisfaction surveys vs online reviews sites: The comparison

Online customer satisfaction surveys come in the form of a list of questions that are asked to consumers about the product or service. These surveys aren’t shared publicly like reviews are, and the business has control over how the information is used. While reviews are more free-form, surveys direct the consumers to answer specific questions about a product or item. Hence, it’s easier to receive quantitative and qualitative data from surveys. Surveys can provide valuable information that contributes to customer experience analytics. You can gather the details on leads with the help of surveys by asking for email IDs at the end of the survey. 

Online review sites consist of comments that customers leave about a product or service. The reviews are public information and are accessible to anyone. These review sites play a significant role in developing a company’s online presence and reputation with potential customers. Additionally, companies can utilise data from product reviews for detailed consumer behaviour analysis. 

The common ground between customer satisfaction surveys and online reviews

Both reviews and surveys help businesses keep their fingers on the pulse of consumer sentiments. It’s vital for the success of the company to receive many reviews and positive feedback from its consumers.

On the other hand, surveys can provide insightful details about your consumers’ experience in an in-depth manner. It can also provide clarity about issues affecting your business. Companies need to pay attention to the suggestions of your consumers. They must also learn to use these details as a potent tool to improve the brand’s ranking can be the best investment in your marketing strategy. 

Parting thoughts,

Even though online review sites and customer satisfaction surveys are different, the objective of both these elements is customer satisfaction. As long as you know their differences, you'll be able to use them to win over your consumers and grow your business.

Know about customer satisfaction surveys & online review sites



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