Argumentative Essay on Fake Essay Writing Services

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TrustedEssayReview: Argumentative Essay on Fake Essay Writing Services

Writing an argumentative essay is not an easy task. Convincing someone and bringing a reader on the same page as you are in can be quite a challenge. Not only does the task call for a lot of research but you also need to use a strong tone to put across your point more convincingly. You need to put in a lot of effort to convince a person who has opposing beliefs with the right information. You need to base your arguments on relevant facts and figures.

Suppose, someone asks you to write an essay on the validity of academic help sites and whether you should take help from essay writing sites or not. If the question is whether the essay writing services are fake or not, then you might have to look through several sites and reviews to establish a strong argument through your essay.

If you still cannot seem to master the art, then here is a sample on the same topic.

Topic: Are essay writing services really fake?

Writing an essay is no cakewalk. You need to have the skills of creative writing to produce a winning essay. But not all of us are master of words. Most of us might lack the ability to frame coherent sentences. Therefore, we could use some help from someone who knows what it takes to produce a great essay.  So as far as I am concerned, I feel essay writing services can be of great help to such students. But having said that, people often feel that most essay writing services are fake and they scam you by taking your money and not providing you with the solution. However, I beg to differ. Why? I shall give some reasons to establish my point.

To start with, we need to understand why students resort to external help. The education system is quite rigid these days and it often gets difficult to keep up with the many demands. Moreover, essay writing can be a time-consuming affair. Our other academic commitments often do not leave us with enough time to write an impressive essay. Since our essays have a pivotal role to play in our annual academic performance, a poorly-written essay may fetch us a negative marking. Essay services come in to our rescue by helping us secure good marks with a good submission. To cope with the academic pressure, students decide to hire an essay writer at an affordable rate. Since the writers are professionals - even if not highly qualified – they can use their years of experience to write an essay better than most of us.

Now, one may say that online scams are everywhere. But I say that amid all the negative-reviewed sites, there are several good service providers that can be trusted. With an influx of so many websites, it sure becomes hard to choose the right service. Hard, but certainly not impossible! If a student invests time on a website trying to go through the reviews and testimonials, then he or she can easily find out whether the site is reliable or not.

Fake sites can be traced easily because of poorly designed website interface and lack of proper contact information. Moreover, one can use the live chat option – a recurring feature in most essay writing services. If the reply does not come in an instant, then it will be clear that the site is not a trustworthy one.

Before we assume that all essay writing services are fake, we need to realize that these services have been serving innumerable students across the world. When in need, these services assist helpless students to submit their written assignments within the deadline. Therefore, I concede that not all essay writing services are scams. Some of them are decade-old sites that help students fare well.

Now that you have read a sample argumentative essay, here’s hoping that you can nail controversial topics like these!

Argumentative Essay on Fake Essay Writing Services



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