10 Reasons Why Your College Application Essays Might Get Rejected

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TrustedEssayReview: 10 Reasons Why Your College Application Essays Might Get Rejected

You had the dream college in your mind throughout high school. You had the perfect test scores to amaze the admission authorities. Yet, you got REJECTED!

What do you think went wrong?

Many students get rejected every year due to improper college application essays despite good academic performance. Check out the most common reasons for the application essays being rejected.

1.    Multiple typos and errors

Imagine you ordered a shampoo online and you get a soap instead. Will you not be frustrated? Similarly, if your essay is full of minute errors and typos, expect your admission committee to be upset with the essay. You might overlook the errors. But, your admission authorities won’t. It shows that you are not serious about the admission. Typos also indicate that you have poor writing skills.

2.    Incomplete application form

You might have scored well in your high school exams. But what’s the point if you forget to mention that in your essay? Similarly, the college application essay will be considered incomplete without recommendation letters and other materials as required. You can take the time to send the missing pieces of your application before the deadline. But, by the time you have already ruined the first impression.

3.   Application fails to meet the academic threshold

Admission authorities do not consider only your academic grades as the eligibility criteria. They also notice the extra-curriculum courses that you might have opted for in your high school. You need to highlight all that you have learnt in your high school. Make sure your application essay shows that you have strong foundation enough to handle challenging courses.

4.    You may have a record of behavioural problems

Most of the colleges pay close attention to the behaviour of the applicants. If you were suspended from school due to any reason, it might put a bad impact on your performance. The only way to get away with this is to be honest in your essays. Mention and explain the incident honestly to your authorities. This will prove that you are an honest candidate who can accept mistakes.

5.    You copied the essay from the Internet

Plagiarism is something that the admission authorities hate. They are experienced enough to understand if the essay is original or copied. In an attempt to deliver the best, don’t go for shortcuts. Take your time and write the essay without plagiarising any section. It is better if you check the essay on online plagiarism tools before the final submission.

6.    Your application is too wordy

You don’t have to use flowery words or complicated vocabulary just to impress the authorities. Keep a check on your word count. The admission committee goes through thousands of applications every day. They won’t have time for a long and boring essay. Keep it sucking and precise. Let simple words and clear structure do the magic for you.

7.    Your essay is too vague

The purpose of a college application essay is to persuade the authorities that you deserve to be a part of their college. Using broad phrases such as ‘I am passionate about writing’ or ‘I love this college’ sound boring and vague. The professors won’t have time to entertain such sentences. Be specific in your writing.

8.    You missed the deadline

At times, students tend to spend too much time in writing the essays. Hence, they miss deadlines. Missing the deadlines indicate that you are probably okay with not being accepted in the college. It shows that you are careless and may have a bad habit of submitting work late. To avoid this situation, start working on the essay early. Make it a point to complete the essay prior to the final submission date.

9. Content was irrelevant to the essay prompt

You may have written something completely irrelevant in the essay. Your essay prompt might have asked about your inspiration, but you ended up writing about your passion for singing. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Take time to understand what the essay prompt asks you to do.

10. You selected the wrong essay topic

There are tons of essay topics to choose from for college applications. At the same time, there are some that you MUST stay away from. Click here to know which topics you should never choose while applying for college admissions. Always choose a topic that will bring out the best of your abilities.

Keep these points in mind while writing a college application essay. Check your paper multiple times before submitting it to the college admission authorities.

10 Reasons Why Your College Application Essays Might Get Rejected



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